GoodriterA new service aims to serve authors with curated book deals delivered straight to their inboxes.

The site, called Goodriter, functions just like other deal listserves like the popular Bookbub. The difference is that all the deals are from just the one category: writing-themed.

I signed up—Goodriter is free—primarily because there were some at-launch extras I wanted. Most were in PDF format, with a handful of ‘regular’ mobi/epub, and some on-line ‘courses’ too.

This turned out to be a good preview of the service itself. Their first dispatch came this week, and had more of those e-courses in it. It’s not just books; it’s other on-line content. That can be a bonus or not depending on your preferences. I am not a huge fan of the ‘online course’ format, personally, and if the emails don’t list enough ‘books’ then I will probably unsubscribe.

Still, it’s a freebie, so go ahead and give it a try if you’re interested.


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