350061-google-nexus-7CNet reports that Google announced its new fiber service for Kansas City today. And while most of the story really doesn’t have e-book relevance—the service is aimed at providing access to media with a lot huger file sizes than those—one thing that leaped out at me was that, with each subscription to Google’s $120/mo gigabit up-and-downstream Internet plus Fiber TV package, Google is throwing in a free Nexus 7 tablet. (The service has a $300 installation fee to cover the cost of building the fiber out to the home, but they’re waiving this for initial subscribers.)

People who just want the gigabit broadband service can pay $70/mo, and also have the $300 fee waived for a limited time. There’s also a service for people who don’t have broadband already who will pay only the $300 build-out fee (at a rate of $25/mo for the first year if they like) and get otherwise-free 5 Mbps down, 1 Mbps up service for 7 years. (CNet says it’s Gbps, but I think they made a typo.)

I wonder what effect this fiber (and all those Nexus 7s) will have on e-book adoption in the KC area?


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