Android Police notes that Google Play Books has gotten an update that allows you to upload e-books into its cloud directly from your device, rather than being restricted to doing it only via the web site. I hadn’t realized Google Books could do cloud storage of your own e-books at all, but given that Google Play Music does cloud storage of your MP3s, I suppose I should have guessed. Need to see about trying that out.

There are a few other improvements, too, like landscape mode, lower brightness settings for low-light reading, and so on. The update probably won’t hit devices for another little while, but the Android Police article has mirrors for downloading the cryptographically-signed APK of the new version of the app.


  1. This is very handy. I have been using Overdrive for non-DRM epubs, instead of Kobo, when I want to store the collection in the cloud. Kobo “can” do this, but it’s quite a rigmarole. With Overdrive, it’s just point and click (as Google Books will be now). The Sony e-reader, I believe, does this as well (or at least with pdfs).

  2. The update is live. I got it last night. However, the test book I tried stayed at “Processing” for hours. So, is the feature available? Yes. Is it usable? Not so much.

    Other than the Kindle app, it is the only app I know that will keep Android and iOS in sync for personal content, so if you’re willing to be patient, it’s worth it for that.

    @Alexander, so sorry, it’s not so easy as point and click.

  3. Thank for this useful tip, Juli. Hearing of the update a few weeks ago, I was so frustrated not being able to update at the time. That’s why I chose to completely ignore it.

    Reading your blog this morning and testing it for the first time today, uploading my EPUB files straight to Play Books library was such a great experience. Although it took a while to open the file, the end result was really pleasing to listen to the “Read Aloud” narration, read with two columns in landscape mode, and enjoy the 3D page flip animation. You absolutely made my day.

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