In addition to the convenient Magic Catalog for Project Gutenberg, which is available for use on the Kindle for searches, browsing, and direct downloading of its free books to the Kindle (see below), Project Gutenberg recently made a MOBILE-device-oriented version of its website, which will of course work more quickly than the main website, via wireless conection with all Kindles.  The ‘go to’ address is – but with Kindles it’s better not to enter the “http://” part.

While updating this entry for that news, I decided that since the last update was 5 months ago, the many who are new to Kindle in the last 2 months (two customer reps have been quoted as saying “millions” but who knows?) probably don’t know about this excellent feature at all.  In my wanderings through online columns about the Kindle, I’ve found that about 95% of those never mention that the 30,000 free books from Project Gutenberg are instantly available to the Kindle at no added cost for direct download to the device.  Instead, most tend to promulgate the fable that you can get books only from Amazon.

For the remainder of the article see A Kindle World Blog.


  1. Thanks for this tip! I don’t have a Kindle but I tried adding it to Aldiko’s (android app) custom catalog and it works great. I had no idea they had a mobile version of their website so this makes it really easy to download books to my phone. Also, I don’t have an iPhone to test with but I bet this will work in Stanza as well.

  2. The Magic Catalog is great, MobileRead and Feedbooks have had catalogs like this for a couple of years also.

    The Feedbooks one can be found here…

    …and the MobileRead one here.

    I’ll generally check MobileRead first since most of those have been hand corrected and put together nicely from Gutenberg or books.

    Feedbooks also has a setup where you can create a file from a single RSS feed…

    …or combine multiple feeds with each having an entry in the table of contents.

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