Always remember that e-readers are like small computers. Sometimes they just hiccup and stop working correctly. Freezing, acting sluggish or pages turning slower than normal are common complaints.

Relax. It’s perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. No need to call customer service just yet; a quick reset will fix most problems.

Here’s instructions on how to reset the three most popular e-reading devices.

Amazon Kindle start-up page1. Kindle (E Ink)

The easiest way to reset a Kindle is to press or slide (depending on your model) the power switch, and to hold it in the ‘off’ position for 20 seconds. Your Kindle will restart itself, and most problems should be resolved. If you’ve successfully restarted your device, you’ll see the Kindle start-up screen, shown at right

2. Nook (E Ink)

Similar to the Kindles, simply press and hold the power switch for 20 or 30 seconds; Nook refers to this as a “soft reset.” The device should restart itself. (Those of you with Nook tablets will need to press the power button again for two seconds to turn your tablet back on.)

3. Kobo

Kobo Mini troubleshooting customer careThis one requires a slightly different process. If possible, turn off your Kobo e-reader, and then turn it over to locate the small hole on the back. Unfold a paperclip and slide one end into the hole. Press gently until you feel a click. Your Kobo should restart. (If you own a Kobo Mini, you’ll need to remove the Snap Back cover on the back of the device in order to locate the small hole.)

There. The reset should fix most problems. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to consider a call to customer service or a factory reset. I recommend calling customer service, however. A factory reset can be a real pain, since you’ll have to reload all your content. Don’t take that step until customer service has exhausted other options.

* * *

Here are the links and phone numbers to the three major manufacturers’ support pages and customer service centers:

• Amazon Kindle Support | U.S. tel. 866-321-8851 ~ Int’l tel. +1 206-266-0927

• Barnes & Noble Nook Support | U.S. tel. 800-843-2665 ~ Int’l tel. +1 201-559-3882

• Kobo Support | North America tel: 800-368-5390 ~ Int’l tel. click here


  1. My wife and I had problems with a Kobo e-reader today that froze after downloading an e-book (in ePub format) from the local library to Adobe Digital Editions (on my computer) and then copying it onto the Kobo.

    After a bit of frustration, we moved the Kobo off the desk (where it had been, in order to connect by USB cable to the computer) and it unfroze and showed the newly downloaded book!

    I can only conclude that there is something on or near the desk that upsets the Kobo (Possibly the router with its WiFi ??)

  2. Hey guys. I’ve recently just set up my kobo ereader and on the first day it was fine but I’ve noticed everyday since, when I’m in the middle of my book, I go to change the page and it just freezes. So I have to force shutdown and that often takes about 5 minutes all up and I was just wondering if that was normal at all? Or what I could possibly do to fix it?

  3. I have a kobo touch N905B that I brought about 4 years ago and had never bothered to do a sync or update until August last year and since then I have had no end of problems with it I have even forced a reset and that helped a wee bit but then the KOBO kept freezing, I have thrown it and threatened to smash it with a hammer but it still freezes so I tried another up date and while it was updating I noted that it was downloading a dictionary !!!
    So I went into the settings and into the language setting there is a dictionary so I went into the edit and holy crap there were 19 dictionaries running so I unticked 18 of them and left the English one going and my kobo is back to normal so I have now put the hammer away
    I hope this may help someone