I’ve mentioned a couple of times that it is possible to root a Nook Color and turn it into a fully-functional Android tablet. Now Ars Technica steps up to the plate with a full-length guide on the process, explaining in detail how and why to do it. Essentially, even though it’s a bit lower powered, the Nook Color provides most of the capabilities of the $500 WiFi Galaxy Tab at half the price.

The article looks at the various different methods of extending the Nook’s environment, then concentrates on explaining in detail the most useful method for day-to-day use. Essentially, it involves downloading a tool called the “Auto-Nooter” and booting the Nook Color with an SD card containing it inserted. Needless to say, this voids the warranty and could potentially damage the device, so users do it at their own risk.

Once you have rooted the Nook Color, you can do all sorts of potentially useful things with it—such as mounting it as a car’s dashboard entertainment center.

Meanwhile, Booksprung reports that Amazon is pushing a Kindle software update that closes a jailbreaking loophole. Kindle owners who want to jailbreak should do so before Amazon applies the 3.1 software update to their devices.

Hopefully Barnes & Noble will be continue to be a bit more sanguine about people rooting the Nook Color.


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