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Hello, I’m back.  Many thanks to Chris Walters for taking the laboring oar while I was away.  And where was I while I was away?  I was traveling cross country on my BMW K1200LTC.  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I figured that I better do it soon, because I’m getting to the age when you can’t count on things remaining status quo.

I covered 7,473 miles on the trip to San Francisco and back.  I started here in New Jersey, went down the Skyline Drive and part of the Blue Ridge Parkway and then cut north.  I had intended to take the southern route through Texas, Arizona, etc. to Los Angeles and then up the Coast, but the heat wave caused me to change plans and veer north.  So I went through the back roads of Nebraska to the Black Hills (in 100 degree weather) and then worked my way through Interstates and back roads to San Francisco.  There I spent some time with my daughter.  Interstate 80 took me home – still too hot to go back via the Southwest.

Two highlights of the trip – I had dinner with two great internet friends whom I had never met in person.  Dr. Joe Stirt of BookofJoe fame was one.  We had great Chinese food in Charlottesville, VA.  Andrys Basten, of A Kindle World Blog, was the other.  We met in San Francisco over a dinner at a fusion-Japanese-French restaurant.  Wonderful food.

When I get some time I’ll write up the details for those who are interested.  Suffice it to say it was the trip of a lifetime – 5 weeks on the road seeing incredible stuff.

Picture by Andrys Basten.


  1. I’ll want to see that write-up and I hope it’s in blog format, including a good description of that amazing bike. As for that restaurant, I’d like the name of it if you can find it, as I’ll want to take some people there. Just fantastic. Pretty good company too! 🙂

  2. My wife didn’t want the world to know that she was home alone, so she asked me not to publicize the trip or blog it while I was gone. Pity, but I understand her concern. Otherwise, I would have done a daily blog and tried to meet up with our readers as I crossed the country. Because of the heat wave I cut out the southern part of the trip, but I’ll be doing the southern route on the bike and I would like to take in some of Route 66.

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