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Direct competition to Apple’s new program – without the restrictions.  From Paid Content:

Startup iPad publisher Inkling is launching a free, cloud-based, interactive e-book publishing platform, Inkling Habitat. That may sounds a bit like iBooks Author, but a preview of the program suggests that it is indeed as Inkling describes it—a program for professional publishers producing e-books at scale, and a way to make a very expensive process more affordable.

“Apple … spent a year and a half to build eight textbooks,” Inkling CEO Matt MacInnis said. “In two years, we’ve built 200.” Inkling Habitat is available immediately to a “select group of publishers” in an early adopter program, and will be available to everyone later this year.

Inkling Habitat lets publishers create interactive e-books with HD video, interactive features and 3D content in a free, cloud-based program. E-books can immediately be published to iPad and the Web in HTML5, with updates pushed to both platforms at once. (Well, iPad is available now and Web publishing will be added later this year.) Multiple groups can collaborate on the content simultaneously, so a production editor in New York City can look at the same project as a designer in India, simultaneously. Every version of a product is saved, so changes can always be rolled back.

Further details in the article.


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