intel-nuc-hand-motherboardIt seems like Intel keeps jumping on new computing platform bandwagons. When the OLPC was getting so much attention, Intel introduced the Classmate—and now it seems that Intel is working on making its own budget pint-sized box similar to the education-focused Raspberry Pi. Called the Next Unit of Computing (NUC), this 10cm x 10cm computer will probably cost somewhat more than the Pi, but still “not be in the hundreds and thousands range” according to Intel senior product marketing manager Fred Birang. With Core i3 and i5 processors, will also be rather more powerful than the Pi’s 700 MHz ARM.

The NUC is meant mainly for digital signage and kiosks, but I imagine I could come up with a lot of creative uses for a gizmo that small. For example, I could put Calibre on it and have an e-book syncing solution almost as portable as my e-reader itself. And of course, like the Pi or the OLPC, any small computer could be a potential boon to education—including reading.

(Found via Slashdot.)


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