The electronic reading and publishing scenes today are nothing if not opinionated and wildly diverse. And perhaps that explains why those of us here at TeleRead have always encouraged friendly and good-natured debate about the issues surrounding the changing face of publishing.

Of course, building constructive and ongoing conversations requires participation, and we’d like to invite those of you who are passionate about e-books to join in on the discourse. So if you’ve got something to say, we’d love for you to say it right here.

Interested? If so, there are a couple different ways for you to become a TeleRead contributor:

Write an article, essay or product review, and submit it for consideration via email to TeleRead’s editor. If you’d rather discuss a potential article or essay before writing it, simply get in touch (via email) and let us know.

We occasionally republish articles and blog posts that have previously appeared elsewhere. If you’d like us to consider running such a piece, feel free to send it our way. If it’s newsworthy or unusual, we’re probably interested. And we’re always interested in hearing from e-readers located outside the United States.

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