prettypewsAre you happy that the Internet Archive is out there, archiving the Internet and various public-domain and other media for you to access for free? Your chance to show it is coming up. The Internet Archive will be hosting a 24-hour telethon from noon (Pacific) December 19 through noon December 20th.

The telethon will be held at the Internet Archive’s headquarters building, a renovated church at 300 Funston Avenue in San Francisco. The event will be livestreamed and also open to public attendance. There will also be attendee audience participation. Former Netscape staffer and nightclub owner Jamie Zawinski (aka JWZ) is helping round up acts to perform during the event.

The Internet Archive performs a really valuable service, and I hope their telethon event goes well. In particular, I hope it goes better than the one for the MST3K revival the other night, which was fraught with often-hilarious technical difficulties. But then again, given that the MST3K fundraiser resulted in over $6 million in donations, perhaps doing that “poorly” wouldn’t be a bad thing either.

(Found via BoingBoing.)


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