In a Q&A interview posted on the ALA TechSource Blog, Daniel A. Freeman chats with with librarian, author, blogger, and speaker, Sue Polanka, about all things e-book/e-publishing.

Polanka is the “go to” person on the topic of the acquisition/usage of ebooks and ereaders in libraries.

On January 25th and February 1st, she’ll lead a two part ALA TechSource Workshop titled, “Integrating E-Books and E-Readers into Your Library.

Here are two exchanges from the interview.

DF [Danial Freeman]: Do you think we’re at the point where e-books and e-readers are a must-have for libraries? If not, will we be there soon?

SP [Sue Polanka]: Yes, we’ve been at that point for a while now. Ebooks are at the tipping point, each day we get more and more questions about the books and readers. If we cannot answer these questions or provide services to support them, our users will not connect libraries with ebooks.

DF: What topics will you be covering in the workshop?

SP: The first workshop is focused on purchasing eBooks; evaluating vendor offerings and business models and patron driven acquisition plans. We’ll allso discuss access issues. The second workshop is all about eReader devices. We’ll discuss the various types and formats, compatibility with library collections, and best practices for eReader lending programs.

You can access and read the complete interview here.


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