ipad1[1] CNBC’s Fast Money has more good iPad news: Bernstein Research reports that the iPad is becoming the fastest-adopted non-phone consumer technology ever, selling three million units in the first 80 days and now about 4.5 million units per quarter. For comparison, the DVD—previously cited as one of the fastest-adopted consumer tech items—sold 350,000 units in its first quarter. The iPhone sold one million.

The report notes that the iPad is not only cannibalizing notebook and netbook sales, but could also be affecting sales of other big-ticket items like TVs and digital cameras—not many households can afford to buy a pricey iPad and something else that expensive very close together.

Apple has had a remarkable string of successes since Steve Jobs returned, moving from strength to strength as it has come out with one must-have consumer product after another. And as the current spate of tablets shows, everyone else is still scrambling to catch up.