black.jpgThis looks like a fantastic idea. Sena, who is known for the quality of their cases, has developed an folio case for the iPad that includes a bluetooth keyboard.

It comes in black, orange, red and brown and is currently only available for pre-order. The case will sell for $150, but the price on pre-order is $130. They say that the shipment date will be October 7.


  1. It never ceases to amaze me how stuck in the past people can be. I type at the same speed on the iPad touch pad as I do on a keyboard and all it took was a bit of practice. But god help those who can’t move out of their comfort zone and ween themselves off the ‘real’ keys and have to lug this sh&t around with them.

  2. This combination isn’t quite the equivalent of a netbook. Lawyers and the like are adopting iPads to look up details in complex cases in part because they’re almost instant-on and in part because the screen can be viewed from a wide angle, so others can see. Simply combine all the documents in a case into a PDF package, and you’ve got every resource you need at hand.

    An iPad is also much more likely to impress a client or fellow lawyer than a cheap netbook. Status matters, especially when you’re billing $250+ an hour. It can also save money. At that rate, a minute-long boot-up would cost that client about $4.

    This case adds a keyboard for situations where they left their laptop back at the office. Sena was wise to develop a Mac/iPad/iPhone-specific keyboard. Almost all Bluetooth keyboards, include the pocket-sized ones, forget just how hot iPhones and iPads are and are designed for Windows machines. That makes for clumsy modifier keys. They also lack those special keys to control screen brightness and volume.

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