LG, one of the companies that makes the LCD touchscreens for the iPad, reported on Thursday that it was having trouble keeping up with Apple’s demand. LG’s CEO, Kwon Young-Soo suggested that Apple might have to delay the launch of its iPad in some countries due to issues of screen supply.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports that iPad smugglers are doing a land-office business buying iPads in Hong Kong, where it was just introduced, and sneaking them into China to sell at a markup. Even the iPhone, which is carried in China by China Unicom, is briskly smuggled—over 400,000 were sold on the grey market in the first half of 2010, compared with 500,000 from China Unicom. Hong Kong iPhones are unlocked and can be used with any carrier, unlike the ones sold in China.

"Since the iPhone 4 first appeared a month ago, I have sold more than 20 locked models and 30 unlocked ones," said Jianwei Yang, who sells iPhones at booth 2008C in Hailong Electric Mall in Beijing. "Over 90 percent of buyers are from government authorities or companies that buy them in groups."

And more and more colleges are starting iPad pilot programs this fall, including Oklahoma State University, hoping that it can save students money and save their backs from heavy bookbags. Wired has a roundup of some of the new and existing programs (some of which we have also previously covered).


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