I’m not sure if I buy this, but Dave Zatz of “Zatz Not Funny” is reporting a rumor that suggests Amazon’s upcoming Android tablet could have a very interesting, idiosyncratic screen display format. According to a friend of Zatz’s who was seated on a flight next to someone who claimed to be a highly-placed Amazon exec, the tablet will feature both a color LCD and an e-ink screen—but unlike the Nook and the Alex, these screens will not be on the same surface. Instead, they will be on opposite sides of the device, like the faces of a coin.

The source of the rumor is not exactly the most reputable possible, but it’s an interesting idea to consider. As I suggested a few weeks back, such a configuration could provide the answer to people being unable to see the cover to the e-book you’re reading. But on the other hand, it would seem to make it harder to set such a device down on any flat surface—current e-readers or tablets have a metal or plastic back that doesn’t matter if it gets scuffed, but a Janus-faced tablet would always have one screen in danger of scuffing.

We’ll just have to see what it looks like when it comes out. Zatz reports the tablet had originally been slated to launch in July, but delays have pushed it back to August.

(Found via E-Reader Info.)


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