Here’s just a snippet from an excellent article in The Huffington Post by bestselling author Jason Pinter who is the author of the Henry Parker novels.

51T2LGbgbEL._SL160_.jpgEbooks should look to expand the book buying market, not be used as an alternative for the print edition. Look at the ads for the iPod: they’re fun, they’re cool, they feature all sorts of (pastel-colored) people who are far funkier than anyone you or I know grooving to the licensed beat. Then consider the ads for the Kindle: the music is straight out of your local elevator. Hesitant readers aren’t going to rush out to spent $299 to listen to the reading equivalent of John Tesh.

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  1. That’s only because there are so many people in America with enough disposable income to blow spend on such a device. Besides, the Kindle is not being sold on its beauty… it’s being sold on its ability to snag content from on-the-fly. Instant access to mounds of content: That’s Kindle’s value… for as long as they’re the only ones holding it… and why (a relatively small number of) Americans buy it.

    (BTW: If you check, you’ll see that Huffpo’s pulled the article because they put it up early by accident. Professionals… bah.)

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