One interesting benefit of still being in the early days of the e-book age is that you get to see a lot of converted-skeptic stories. Holdouts are converting all the time. One of those is’s Jo Walton, who picked up an e-reader a couple of years ago and writes about two major ways in which it changed her reading habits.

The first way is that she no longer has to worry about how many books to take with her when she goes anywhere. She can finish one book and start right into another, or even read several at once. Which is something that pretty much everyone who starts e-reading discovers at one time or another.

The other way is that she has been prone to buy books she has used for writing research, rather than checking them out of  the library. This means she can take them anywhere with her (and given how heavy most of those books tend to be, that’s definitely an advantage) and still has them if she needs to consult them again down the road.

The comments below the article are also full of converted-skeptic stories. It’s a fun read.


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