More Than One Way to Spin a Story: Happy Halloween!

In the debate over e-book versus paper, we often forget that there is more than one way to spin a story. My students and I have an ongoing narrative involving a growing family of puppets I use with my French as a Second Language classes. Having a tangible manipulative makes the ongoing story immersive and engaging for my young students. Monsieur le Bec, the bird, even stars in one of the storybooks I use with my SK (senior kindergarten) classes!

In honour of Halloween, they are doing a little switcheroo today: Monsieur le Bec (Mr. Beak)  is dressed up as Bébé Ours, and Bébé Ours (Baby Bear) is dressed up as Monsieur le Bec! Friends 4 Eva.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

* * *

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