The normal price is $379, so it’s a savings of $80.   You can find it on the Amazon site here.  It’s the latest unit with the new E Ink Pearl display


  1. This may mean Amazon is getting ready to release a WiFi enabled version and suggests the replacement might be $329. The DX already offers the Pearl screen so contrast and readability is great. It would be helpful to add blogs, etc to markets outside of the US when delivered over WiFi.

    As nice as the DX form-factor is today, lacking wifi is a problem.

  2. I own a Sony e-reader which I have been very happy with, but want to purchase a Kindle to read some books that are available only from Amazon. I live in Canada, and a Canadian friend warned me about her purchase of a B+N ereader which she purchased in the States; she was told by a B+N support person that unless she had an American address and American credit card to register with her account, because of copyright reasons, she, being a Canadian customer, would have access to only 15% of the titles available on B+N. Are there issues like this with Kindle for Canadian customers? I’m considering the Kindle 3 because it has WiFi and 3G, and its size fits nicely into a purse for portability. Any recommendations?

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