image  Deutsche Telekom, the German telecommunications giant, might be developing a Kindle rival, at least if you go by CrunchGear.

"The German powerhouse plans a test run with a few dozen prototypes in Berlin this fall," CG reports.

Could the News4Me project be testing the Poloymar Vision Readius, as Alex at MobileRead is thinking it might be? Maybe.

We don’t know the price, just that the outlook for this Kindle rival might be bleak if DT sticks to the vision reported by Crunchgear.


"In contrast to Amazon’s customers, Germans will just get to download personalized content from print media onto their readers," TechCrunch says. Forget about RSS feeds or born-digital items?

On the positive, the machine might have targeted ads, one way possibility for e-books if done well—and the display just might be bendable. So you never know. If the tech is novel enough, maybe DT might get away with its less-than-perfect understanding of online media. DT apparently is too in love with the offlilne variety to acknowledge online content’s existence.

For more details: Spiegel article. German here. Google English-language translation here.

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