The eBook Reader blog reports on a discovery in a MobileRead forum thread of a variable in some Amazon source code pointing to something called “Prime eBooks”. There is a variable in the code named PRIME_EBOOKS_COMPATIBLE, and a “prime_active_delete” command that asks readers if they’re sure they want to delete and return a library loan.

Of course, we already knew Amazon was trying to sweet-talk publishers into letting it implement such a program, separate and distinct from the Overdrive Kindle library loan program it’s just launched, and it was said that Amazon would bundle it into its Amazon Prime service—but this seems to be a bit more solid in the way of proof that is the plan.

In fact, it’s very possible that this very plan could be something Amazon announces at its press conference next week. We’ll have to stay tuned.

(Found via TechCrunch.)


  1. It is not Kindle source code.
    It is source code for web page on Amazon site in “manage my Kindle” page.
    You can display such source code by opening the page in Firefox right-clicking on page and selecting “view page source”

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