Gravitational Pull on the Kindle and Instapaper

Aaron Pressman sent me this link to his blog where he discusses the new Intstapaper service for the Kindle. Go over and take a look:

For a while now, I’ve found that the best way to read long-ish online articles and blog posts is to email them to my Kindle. This avoids the horrid eye strain from reading them on my computer and is more environmentally-friendly than printing them out on paper. Back in December, Picture 1.pngI even wrote a simple Applescript to reduce some of the steps in copying the articles into plain text files and emailing them to the Kindle. But now there’s a better way, a much better way, to get the things you want to read off the web and onto your Kindle. It’s Marco Arment’s Instapaper service. …

Today, Marco has turned on a new beta service that periodically emails your articles to your Kindle so you can read them anywhere. And once the email arrives, it’s a regular Kindle document that you can read offline if you so desire. Sweet. There are only a few settings to choose from right now. Tell Instapaper how often it should send an email and set a minimum threshold

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