M-Edge Latitude Jacket: For Kindle 2 users

AK2_Z1_C_GRP--front-med.jpgThis is the latest in the M-Edge line. They sent me a review copy and I’ve been using it ever since. The jacket zips up all the way around so the Kindle 2 is fully protected. When opened you can fold the jacket back, if you like, for reading. The padded jacket weighs almost nothing and adds very little heft to the Kindle itself. The inside of the case is covered in a polar-fleece material so it is soft and won’t scratch the front or back of the Kindle.

AK2_Z1_C_R--03-med.jpgThere is another, curved, zippered compartment that holds the Kindle charger. It will also hold the M-Edge booklight, so you can carry everything on one package. Here’s a shot of the case with the booklight in place:


The light slips into a small compartment on the back of the case. You can fold the case back, by the way, with the light in place. The case is nicely padded and when it is zipped closed gives the Kindle the most protection of any of the cases I’ve seen. It’s also nice to be able to carry the whole kit at once. The Latitude Jacket costs $29.99 and is available from M-Edge here. It’s the best case I’ve seen so far for anyone who is traveling.

3 Comments on M-Edge Latitude Jacket: For Kindle 2 users

  1. heyyy.. *that’s* the cover i sat next to on the train two days ago! i was peeking out of my peripheral vision, trying to figure it out.

    is the core structure described on the m-edge site as rigid as that for the m-edge platform cover?

    i’d consider this as a second cover, just because it will accomodate the power cord so neatly.

  2. No, it isn’t as rigid, but it is rigid enough, and padded enough, that I don’t think there is any difference in practice.

  3. Well, I was bowled over by this and ordered a lime green one. My K2 now has more clothes than I do. While I was on the site, I noticed that this type of cover is also available for the DX at a slightly higher cost. If I had a DX, I would get that cover for it.

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