M-Edge Platform Case for the Kindle 2

When I first got my Kindle 1, I reviewed two of M-Edge’s cases here and here.  Now that I have my Kindle 2 I contacted M-Edge and they were good enough to send me review units of two of their new cases.  Here we are going to look at my favorite, the Platform.  Rather than use publicity pictures I always try to take my own so that you can see what units look like in “real life” IMG_0114 The case is of pebbled padded leather with a strap down the front.  At the bottom the strap folds towards the back of the unit and slides into a closure on the back of the case.  As with the other M-Edge cases I’ve see, the quality is first rate with uniform, tight stitching and nice feel to the leather.  The case comes in a lot of colors, as we’ll see later, but I asked for purple because purple and green are my favorite colors.   IMG_0115 Here you see my Kindle in the case.  Because this is an upright case M-Edge couldn’t use the new Kindle locking holder, but, like their Kindle 1 case,  the case uses two loops of leather at the bottom, and two elastic pieces at the top.  The unit is held in very securely, is easy to insert and remove, and there is no chance of it falling out.  Notice the wide purple strip to the left of the Kindle, that’s where their new booklight will go.  More on that later. Now for my favorite part of the case, and the reason why it’s my definite first choice in Kindle cases.



The Platform Case is a real platform.  The top is meant to fold back, and using the closure tab you can lock the case into a triangle and it will hold your Kindle securely upright.  I just finished eating dinner and my Kindle was propped up in front of me the whole time.  This is just so convenient. There is no need to find stuff to lean your Kindle against.  It sits nicely on my stomach, too, when I’m in my recliner.



Here’s another shot of the Kindle sitting upright in the Platform case.  Neat!




The case has two pockets in the top part and I’ve inserted cards so you can see where they are.  The top pocket is business card size and the other pocket runs the full length of the cover.


Here’s the one publicity photo I’ll use.  Note all the available colors.  But if you look more closely you’ll see the M-Edge          e-Luminator booklight attached to the case to the left of the Kindle.  It will fit into a slot in the case and become a permanent part of the case/Kindle/booklight unit.  The is the solution we’ve all been looking for.  The e-Luminator will also work with the Prodigy case that I’ll review next week.  The e-Luminator will be available in late April/early May.  The Platform case is available in leather in the colors above for $54.99 and is currently on sale for $44.99.  It is also available in synthetic leather in 5 colors for $39.99 and is currently on sale for $29.99.

You can find all their products on their website. They have cases for the Kindle 1 (see reviews above), the Sony 505, the eFlybook, the iLiad and the Cybook.

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  1. There is a sale going on right now for the Kindle 2 – now is the perfect time to buy one, if you haven’t already.


  2. i came across another kindle case. That case has a better design in securing Kindle 2.
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