Morning Roundup: Links to start your day

Open-access research ‘catastrophic’ for Reed Elsevier [Paid Content]
Government plans to make publicly-funded research available for free online will be great for citizens but terrible news for journal publishers. One could lose up to 60 percent of its profits, an analyst warns.

Are Free eBooks Killing the Market? [Rich Adin]
The problem is free ebooks. As a consumer, I like free. However, free has so radically altered my book-buying habits—and I suspect the book-buying habits of many readers—that I find it difficult to see a rosy future for publishers, whether traditional or self-publishers.

Toys R Us to Launch Their Own Kid-Friendly Tablet [Good E-Reader]
Toys R Us found great success in tablets aimed at children by V.Tech, Meep, Lexibook and Fisher Price. This has promoted them to develop their own tablet in-house … the new Android device will be called “Tabeo.”

Ownership in a Digital Society, Part 2 [Dear Author]
Is digital media always a rental or are you truly acquiring an ownership interest something when you press the “buy” button?

Kindle Daily Deal: Night Swim by Jessica Keener (and) Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

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