The Morning Roundup: ‘Media Shield’ Amendment and more


Confused by eBooks? Welcome to the Crowd (Author U)

Is Amazon for eBooks the only game in town?

Classroom into Newsroom: 9 Steps to a Multimedia Class Project (Media Shift)

Like many of you, I embrace the guide-on-the-side model for teaching vs. the sage-on-the-stage version.

House Approves ‘Media Shield’ Amendment, as Reporter Reveals 2011 Subpoena Fight (Boing Boing)

The House of Representatives today voted 225-183 to approve an appropriations bill amendment that bars the Justice Department from forcing reporters to testify about their confidential sources.

My Year of the iPad, Six Months In (GigaOM)

Six months ago I decided to try and make my iPad my primary mobile device. So, far I’ve been more successful than I thought I’d be. There are, however, improvements to iOS I hope Apple makes at WWDC.

Kindle Daily Deal: Enemy Women (and others)

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3 Comments on The Morning Roundup: ‘Media Shield’ Amendment and more

  1. Has teleread been hacked? Every link brings up a box for Outlook web app instead of the article.

  2. It appears our guest editor just copied and pasted the links out of her email. Sadly, a lot of webmail clients do funky things to the links so you can’t do it that way. I’ve gone through and fixed the links.

  3. Joanna Cabot // June 2, 2014 at 1:03 pm //

    Thanks, Chris!

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