Review M-edge Prodigy jacket for Kindle 2

I have previously reviewed the M-edge Platform case here, and now it’s time to  look at their more conventional case, the Prodigy.

Picture 001

The Prodigy is a re-thinking the the black Amazon 2 Kindle case that is available directly from Amazon.  Here you can see the two cases, with the Amazon case on the bottom.  The M-edge is thicker, and heavier, but there is a reason for that.  The Prodigy, like the Platform, will be able to accommodate the built-in booklite, which should be available soon.  The Prodigy has the same fine fit and finish, and the same wide color schemes, as the Platform.

Picture 002

Here you see a close up of the Prodigy’s mounting system, which is the same as on the original Kindle 2 cover.  Very secure and convenient.  However, unlike the Amazon cover, the Prodigy has elasticized loops on the top and bottom of the right side to keep the Kindle from moving around.


Picture 003

Here is a shot of the Kindle in the case.  Note the cards I’ve placed on the left so that you can see the three storage pockets.  The card on the right shows you where the new booklite will slip into the case.  I can’t wait for it to become available, as I have not found a convenient booklite to use with the Kindle yet.  Every one I’ve tried is just too big and bulky, and the clip mechanisms are really designed for books so they never fit very securely.

Picture 004 You can find all their products on their website.  The Prodigy is available in many colors and can be had in smooth or pebbled leather.  It lists for $54.99 and is currently on sale for $44.99.  Personally, I prefer the Platform case.  The ability to keep the Kindle propped up is just so convenient that it has become my case of choice. 

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