android The Wall Street Journal has an interview with Chang Ma, vice president of marketing for South Korean electronics company LG, in which he talks about his company’s smartphone plans, and the Android tablet LG plans to launch globally by the fourth quarter of 2010. Ma boldly claims that, “Our tablet will be better than the iPad.”

The tablet will include content focused on creation such as writing documents, editing video and creating programs. It will also have "high-end features and new benefits," many of which will focus on productivity, Mr. Ma said.

The article notes that LG has fallen behind in the smartphone market, as companies like Apple and HTC have gained, but Ma believes that Android can help the company catch up. It also plans to release a range of smartphone products targeting different consumer needs and tastes.

(Found via Gizmodo.)

Engadget had a piece last month on LG’s impending Android tablet, noting that the company also has a Windows 7 tablet in the works.


  1. So, all those content creation/productivity apps available in the iTunes App store for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch ( too many to list ) are going to be provided for free on this LG Android tablet?

    At least that’s what that short quote appears to say.

    Granted, Apple is very unlikely to allow users to write their own apps ( programming using tools from the App store – there are already non-Apple approved programming tools for iOS. ) on an iPad any time soon, but otherwise he isn’t making any claims for things you can’t already do on an iPad.

    What we need is something NEW, not just a rehash of Apple tablet ideas. New and innovative ideas that take that next step forward, beyond Apple.

  2. Andy I am not sure I would stretch it so far as to say he is implying these apps to be free …

    As for the rest of his comments they mostly sound like marketing hype. We have to remember here that Apple really stole a long march on all competition. They have been scrambling madly to come anywhere close to catching up – how many models have we seen announced and then abandoned or delayed.

    Their goal is to produce something/anything that can knock some corners of the iPad. If they could equal it they would be wetting themselves. I see little chance of them improving on it.
    But there is always that small possibility and I guess that is what keeps us all engaged 🙂

    As far as productivity goes the iPad is actually very productive. That it is not as potently productive as a desktop is neither here nor there imho. It is a different device aimed at different slices of our lives. And let’s not forget the next iteration of iPad will be with us in 2011 … which will no doubt push on with improvements al round.

  3. As far as productivity goes the iPad is actually very productive.

    I wouldn’t disagree with that, I use my iPad for a number productive activities, though it hasn’t come close to replacing my laptop.

    I was just reacting to the implied assumption that an iPad is JUST a device for consuming media, a meme I wish would die out already.

    By better, I mean that we are really just at the beginning of the move to devices like the iPad ( and whatever Android equivalent makes it into the wild over the next few months.) so there is plenty of room ( but not much time ) to create something better than an iPad… So why just try to clone it like they seem to have planned.

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