South Carolina State adds 87,000 academic digital titles to its library

ebrarySouth Carolina State’s  library became the third largest state library to join ebrary’s Academic Complete collection. South Carolina State received more than 87,000 academic titles to add to its online collection, according to a press release.

The two biggest categories were social sciences with 25,000 titles and business & economics with 17,000 titles.

“The inclusion of these new e-book titles, combined with materials presently available in the state library’s collection, provide the library user a wide range of quality sources to perform a broad range of inquiries with both efficiency and accuracy,” Hulen E. Bivins, Director of the South Carolina State Library told Independent Mail.

The inclusion of these books seems like an exciting step for students. Not only will they have access to a massive selection, but it also has the potential to grow. Along with the available titles, customers can recommend ebooks for the library to purchase.

ebrary is available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android systems, and the apps are free to download.

The books in ebrary’s catalog are for academics, and research-heavy. Most of these titles probably wouldn’t translate well to public libraries, although Independent Mail does note that ebrary does have books available for public libraries that are research-oriented.

ebrary began in 1999 and has been one of the leaders in ebooks for libraries and research facilities.

Anyone else wish they had this option when they were in college?

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