PAD1_F1_S_B--detail04-thumb.jpgM-Edge sent me one of these science fiction-like stands and I’ve gotten a lot of use out of it. Whoever designs these things for them must be a bit nuts – how can anyone come up with something like this? Be that as it may, the M-Edge mad designer knows what he’s doing and this is a really neat thingie. It’s a set of flexible steel arms and rubber holders, all joined at the middle. You can use it to support your iPad (and it works when the iPad is in the Apple case, even though it’s not as stable as it would be if there is no case at all) or I guess it would also support all sorts of stuff that you might use in your effort to conquer the world. Despite the picture above, if you need it in portrait mode that works just fine too.

DSCF1008.JPGHere’s how I’m currently using it. I turned by iPad into a third display using the Air Display app ($9.99, and it works like a charm, by the way) and the FlexStand is flexible enough so that I can use it to support the iPad right next to my Macbook. Twitter on the left, Safari in the middle and MarsEdit on the right. All nice and neat. You can find it at the M-Edge website and it goes for $24.99. It’s not ready for delivery yet, but you can sign up and they’ll let you know when it comes in.

Now to start conquering the world.


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