ImStarvedforYou Atwood Byliner

From an article in National Post:

On Wednesday, the San Francisco-based digital publisher Byliner released “I’m Starved for You,” described as a tale of love and lust in an Orwellian near future” and “an entertaining yet harrowing story that lays bare the very real dangers of trading liberty for safety.”

It retails for $2.99.

“I’m excited about Byliner, which I see as part of the short fiction revival that’s taking place online,” said Atwood in a press release. “The inspiration for ‘I’m Starved for You’ is, as usual with my ‘speculative fictions,’ real life. This is a story that imagines what might happen if certain present-day trends continue.”

I notice that it’s available on Apple, Amazon, B&N and Kobo.


  1. Great story, thanks. I LOVE Margaret Atwood, she’s the best out there. GO GO GO M.A.!

    by the way, Paul, I am releasing an EBOOK on April 22, me? of all people YES,. ask me why and when and how and what for? DANNY smile

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