mindAndBodydunlapaother08mind_and_body-thumb (1)Mind and Body, a free Creative Commons book by Aaron Dunlap, is the TeleBlog’s latest e-book sighting at Manybooks.net. See if the start doesn’t hook you.

“I was seventeen, almost eighteen, the first time I killed someone.

“It was kind of an accident, in the same way that bubble gum is kind of a food. I hadn’t set out to kill him, honestly, but I wasn’t exactly trying not to kill him either.”

That’s just a hint of the plot, which includes a $500K life insurance payout directly to a teenager without trust safeguards to spoil the fun. His father worked in Quantico, Virginia, “a self-contained ‘city’ that’s home to the nation’s largest Marine Corps base, the Marine Corps University, DEA University, FBI Academy, and a few other assorted pillars of dread.” Plot summary:

Chris Baker considered himself a normal teenager until shortly before his eighteenth birthday when his father died mysteriously, leaving behind an unexpected fortune. Everything changed after that. Now in the crosshairs of the FBI, the Marine Corps, Interpol, and a handful of trained killers, Chris finds himself in a world of guns, assassins, poison, and high-tech espionage. Using techniques and skills he never knew he had, Chris must uncover a government conspiracy that seems to involve everyone and everything he knows.

Formats: Manybooks offers eReader, PDF, Mobpocketi, Kindle and most other common formats for the free edition. Via eReader software and otherwise, it’s readable on an iPhone.

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