MobipocketSo what are the chances of the iLiad offering Mobipocket–the best of the proprietary e-book readers now out there? The word from Mobipocket is that this is under discussion. I hope so. The iLiad is to appear this month, as Roland Rohde has pointed out in a Mobipocket forum thread mentioned here by Branko Collin. So let’s hurry up, guys.

An ability to read Mobipocket books, available at outlets such as Fictionwise and Diesel eBooks, would give the iLiad a nice leg-up on the Sony Reader. The Sony can read DRMed books only in Sony’s proprietary BBeB format. Mobipocket and iRex Technologies should make up their minds immediately and shout out to the world that the iRex will be more versatile in this respect than the Sony. Yes, the real solution is OpenReader, but I’m all in favor of watching out for the here and now.

Reminder: The iLiad screen will not display color, so don’t go by the screenshot. Future E Ink machines will do color. I can hardly wait.


  1. I feel exactly as you do, Roland. I’d encourage readers to follow through in the Mobipocket forum.

    Detail (added with Roland’s permission): Roland also goes by the name CommanderROR. Either way, I’ve appreciated the helpful comments he’s contributed to the TeleBlog!


  2. Does the Iliad not have the capability to use all Linux Fonts?
    I thought I read something like that in one of Branko’s reports.

    Anyway…I don’t think that is a limitation we need to worry about. Software should be able to fix that and maybe Mobipocket software does? I have no idea actually as to me a font is a load of letters…:-)

  3. I am really excited about this! The one thing that has been pushing me towards the Sony is the access to new books that are coming out. I have been happy with Mobipocket in the past, and if they make an agreement with iRex, I will definitely go with their product!

  4. Hey, Roland–keep plugging away! Sometimes people leave it to The Other Guy to articulate their wants and needs. The TeleBlog can get over 1,000 visitors on some days and at times several thousand; but just a few will speak up. Same factor holds here. Meanwhile I hope folks will follow your advice and visit the Mobipocket forum to ask for a version for the iLiad. Thanks. Daivd

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