U1_Hero_04_610x447Plenty of hybrid tablet/laptop devices are on their way. Dan Ackerman on CNet reports on four prototypes that were shown at CES—tablets with keyboards that flip out from behind, or slide out of hidden slots, and so on. These could offer the benefit of tablets for easy reading and net surfing, then turn into full-fledged Windows netbooks with keyboards when more physical input is needed.

Ackerman wonders what the best name for such a device would be, however. “What should one call a tablet with a sliding or foldout keyboard? A laptab? A keylet? A tabtop? A keyvertible?”

The manufacturers may well answer this question on their own—perhaps in as many different ways as there are manufacturers. I’d be inclined to suggest “tabbook” or “tabletbook”. But computer manufacturers never ask me these things.


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