nookFour Ways Publishers Should Rethink Author Partnerships (Digital Book World)
It’s an argument we’ve heard before: publishers must take a fresh look at their partnerships with authors, lest they lose them the proliferating number of self-publishing services and platforms.

Amazon’s Bezos Thinks eBooks Make the Book Industry Healthier (GigaOK)
“The book industry is in better shape than it ever has been and it’s due to ebooks,” Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told an audience on Tuesday in a wide-ranging interview that addressed the company’s drone plans, its campus culture and its indifference to pain of short-term shareholders.

Gifting Books? Expert Tips from a Children’s Book Author (Apartment Therapy)
I’m definitely guilty of picking up a beautiful vintage book for its looks, but there’s one category that should never go digital: Children’s books. Picture books help form early understandings of words, language and story for children.

B&N Will Give You a $30 Credit for Your Old Nook (The Digital Reader)
If you’ve been thinking about replacing that old Nook ereader then I have some good news for you. Barnes & Noble just launched a new trade in program for their older ereaders.

Kindle Daily Deal: Two Historical Fiction Novels (and others)

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