newbery winnersFree Samples of the 2015 Newbery Medal & Newbery Honor Winners (GalleyCat)
We’ve linked to free samples of the Newbery Medal-winning title and the Newbery Honor books below.

Why Book Price Doesn’t and Shouldn’t Measure Value (Dear Author)
Last week, author advocate Porter Anderson wrote a piece on book pricing called ‘Who Decided Our Worth?’ Do Free Books Give Away Authors’ Value?, in which authors like Roz Morris, Henry Hyde, and others try to build the case for book prices that reflect an author’s “value” and “worth.”

The Indie Author Dream: Fact of Fiction? (GoodeReader)
Much of the ongoing drama between the self-publishing proponents and the traditional publishing industry boils down to one chief concern: money. With whole data sets dedicated to examining not only what self-published authors truly earn but also what traditionally published authors are (or more likely, are not) earning, the facts seem pretty clear.

Minimum Wage Law to Shutter SF Indie (PW)
Eighteen-year-old Borderlands Books is the first bookstore casualty of San Francisco’s new minimum wage law. In an announcement on its website, the store said that it will close its doors by March 31.

Kindle Daily Deal: The Hidden Child (and others)


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