digital contentBrooklyn Bookstore Launches Kickstarter to Save Vintage Sci-Fi (Apartment Therapy)
Brooklyn bookstore and publisher Singularity & Co. has launched a Kickstarter to save sci-fi.

8 Free Things for Writers (Media Shift)
Everyone loves free stuff. Food samples, household products through the post –- even winning the odd competition –- things taste better when they are free.

Questions to Ask for the Ideal Client-Freelancer ‘Marriage’ (An American Editor)
The right questions asked at the right time can make the difference in a smooth, rewarding experience for both client and freelancer, whether the project is a writing, editing, proofreading, graphics, desktop publishing, or other assignment of some sort.

Whose Digital Content is it Anyway? (The Guardian)
Author Cory Doctorow is heading a campaign to ban digital locks on ebooks, music and movies.

Kindle Daily Deal: Bent Creek (and others)


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