kindleReview: $79 Kindle (2014) (The Digital Reader)
The Kindle (2014) features a somewhat faster processor, touchscreen, and additional storage, but no frontlight or high resolution screen. It’s running basically the same software as the Kindle Paperwhite was running last month, which means that the new Kindle is still lacking the many new features which Amazon promised to add in a firmware update this fall.

Adobe’s Latest E-Book Misstep: This Time, It’s Not the DRM (Copyright and Technology)
More actual facts about this sorry case will emerge in the coming days, no doubt, leading to a fully clear picture of what Adobe is doing and why. My purpose here and now is to address the various accusations that this latest e-book gaffe by Adobe has to do with its DRM.

Saga Press E-books To Be DRM-Free (PW)
Simon & Schuster’s fledgling science fiction and fantasy imprint, Saga Press, will publish its e-books without DRM, the company said Wednesday afternoon.

On Authors (Over)Sharing Their Writing Regrets (Book Riot)
When an avid reader reads the writer’s regrets, it changes her viewpoint. The greatness of a piece, a character, a romance, or a bold action suddenly changes context from a piece of a story into somebody’s authorial choice that shouldn’t have happened.

Kindle Daily Deals: Unintended Conseqences (and more)


  1. Adobe having our reading information is the least of our problem.

    Most of the major banking and brokerage institutions in the US as well as the US IRS use Adobe PDF documents for statements and tax forms so Adobe not only has this information, it is an incredibly juicy target for hackers.

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