Surface ProSurface Pro 3 Isn’t a Superb Tablet (But That May be OK) (GigaOM)
I’d never argue that Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 should be your first choice if you’re looking for a pure tablet. If you have limited tablet needs, though, the slate functions are a nice bonus from the ultrabook-like laptop computer.

Faking Cultural Literacy (NY Times)
Every few weeks, my wife mentions the latest book her book club is reading, and no matter what it is, whether I’ve read it or not, I offer an opinion of the work, based entirely on … what, exactly?

How Can We Make the Publishing Process More Sound? (The Scholarly Kitchen)
At a time when more research articles are more readily available to more readers globally than ever before, it’s crucial we are confident that those papers meet the highest standards and, that on those occasions where they don’t, there is a sound system in place to revise or retract them.

Margaret Drabble on the Joy of eBooks (The Guardian)
You can buy texts at midnight while on the train to Taunton and read with ease in the full glare of the sun. What’s not to like about electronic reading devices, asks Margaret Drabble.

Kindle Daily Deal: Brave New World Series (and others)

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