Global Privacy Rules Would be Awesome (GigaOM)privacy
Feeling the heat ahead of federal elections, German chancellor Angela Merkel has called for unified data protection rules across Europe and, to a more limited extent, on a global scale. But is that even possible?
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Did Agency Pricing Help Publishers, and If So, Will They Return to It? (Dear Author)
Agency pricing was instituted ostensibly to increase competition and decrease Amazon’s control over the emerging digital book market. Publishers had three years in which  they were allowed to set prices in accordance with the pricing schedule imposed by Apple.  In the beginning of  2010 it was estimated that Amazon enjoy a 90% market share of digital books.
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eReader Ownership Reaches New High in Germany (The Digital Reader)
It looks like ereader adoption might be about to take off in Germany. A new report is out this week that suggests one in twenty Germans own an ereader.
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Lawsuit Filed to Stop NYPL Renovation Plans (GalleyCat)
Writer Edmund Morris, historian David Nasaw, social science expert Joan W. Scott and Princeton professor Stanley N. Katz have sued the New York Public Library.
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Kindle Daily Deals: “Raylan” by Elmore Leonard (and 3 others)


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