indie bookstoreCould B&N’s Struggles Strengthen Indie Bookshops? (Indie Reader)
If B&N faces the same gloomy fate [as Borders], there might be a sunny side for indie bookstores, and readers who love them.

eBook Prices Still a Sensitive Issue for Authors, Publishers (GoodeReader)
As more and more holiday shoppers scramble to finish up their holiday shopping, publishers and book retailers have taken notice and are offering considerable discounts on their titles.

Indies Are Getting Clobbered by Big Name eBook Discounts – But Not For The Reason You Think (The Digital Reader)
Indie authors are beginning to notice, and one in particular blogged about it last week. That blog post crossed my desk yesterday, and while it’s interesting and factually correct I don’t the author reached a valid conclusion.

I Don’t Care If You Dogear My Pages (And Other Confessions of a Failed Book Fanatic) (Book Riot)
I’ve built a life of letters — I teach literature for a living, I’m a literary scholar (ostensibly), I blog about books and comics and write reviews as my main hobbies, and so far I’ve read 94 books this year. But maybe I’m not a real reader. Here’s why.

Kindle Daily Deals: 11 Cookbooks (and others)

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"I’m a journalist, a teacher and an e-book fiend. I work as a French teacher at a K-3 private school. I use drama, music, puppets, props and all manner of tech in my job, and I love it. I enjoy moving between all the classes and having a relationship with each child in the school. Kids are hilarious, and I enjoy watching them grow and learn. My current device of choice for reading is my Amazon Kindle Touch, but I have owned or used devices by Sony, Kobo, Aluratek and others. I also read on my tablet devices using the Kindle app, and I enjoy synching between them, so that I’m always up to date no matter where I am or what I have with me."


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