Amazon Fire PhoneBezos: Amazon Fire Phone Was a Long Time Coming (re/code)
Going to dump your iPhone for this?

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has made a long-term bet that you will. The retailer’s new Fire phone is the culmination of four years of development that tie together original ideas Amazon hopes will change the way you shop on your phone and off.

Publishers jailed overnight in campaign for prisoners’ right to read (The Guardian)
There’s more than one sort of porridge, as any lag would tell you. Profile Books publisher Andrew Franklin opted for the lumpier kind when he volunteered to spend a night in the cells this week with a Jeffrey Archer novel. He is one of six luminaries of the publishing world who were banged up on Thursday night to raise money for the Howard League for Penal Reform’s campaign against the recent ban on gifts of books to prisoners.

Why the Analysts are Wrong (The Passive Voice)
Passive Guy says that analysts ultimately tell their paying clients what they think their clients want to hear. They do it skillfully and will certainly “challenge” their clients, but they can only go so far without upsetting the flow of consulting fees.

Laura Miller’s Salon Piece on Indie Authors, Amazon, and Hachette Shows Much of What’s Gone Wrong in the Trad Pub/Indie Pub Debate (The Digital Reader)
If you follow publishing news I am sure that you have already read the article, but it’s okay if you have not. I don’t plan to debate whether she is right or wrong; instead I plan to discuss the type, tone, and context of Miller’s arguments.

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