drmOverDrive Ebooks Now Available on Amazon Kids’ Platform Kindle Free Time (Digital Book World)
OverDrive announced today that eBooks from more than 20,000 schools and libraries in its U.S. network are available to be used with Amazon’s Kindle FreeTime.

Researchers: eBooks Beat Print Books at Helping Small Kids Learn Words (The Digital Reader)
A team of researchers at Kyoto University’s Primate Research Institute have found that displaying a picture book on an iPad, and combining it with narration, improved small children’s ability to understand the words they are seeing.

How DRM Makes Us All Less Safe (Techdirt)
We’ve talked a lot lately about how the NSA and its surveillance efforts have made us all less safe, but that’s also true for DRM.

Why Major Publishers Missed the Boat on Self-Publishing (GoodeReader)
Major publishers have all missed the boat on self-publishing when they should have innovated. Companies like Hachette, Penguin/Random House, HarperCollins should have been the ones that developed Wattpad or their own version of Nook Press or Kobo Writing Life.

Kindle Daily Deals: Kurt Vonnegut (and others)


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