ebook pricingWhat’s the Most Profitable Price for an eBook? (Boing Boing)
Rachel Willmer, who runs the excellent ebook price-comparison site Luzme, summarizes the price-preference data she’s captured from her customers.

Half of Americans Own an eReader or Tablet But Only 28% Read on Them (The Digital Reader)
If the latest survey report from the Pew Research Center is any indication, rumors of the flattening US ebook market have been greatly exaggerated.

eBook Pricing in the US vs the UK (GalleyCat)
There are many opinions on how to price an eBook and therefore eBook prices can be wildly different. This fact is especially true when comparing the pricing models in different countries.

Don’t Just Play with Your Phone: Go Out and Produce Something (Lifehacker)
Sometimes it’s easier to waste time than to use it, and as the above quote from Merlin Mann reminds us, it’s good to take our eyes off our phone and actually make something now and again.

Kindle Daily Deals: Fly By Night (and others)

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