How Thin, Flexible Electronics will Revolutionize Everything from User Interfaces to Packaging (GigaOM)
Thin is in, as always, but recent breakthroughs in printed and flexible electronics herald a whole new age of gadgets, imaging devices and user interfaces.

Getting Inside Amazon’s “Head” with Your eBook Category (Author U)
Let’s face it, most authors scratch their heads when it comes to figuring out where they should be in the Amazon machine. Oh, they have a general idea … but how in the heck does one drill down into some of the odd-ball categories so frankly, they can own it.

librariesFight for Libraries, Prevent Book Deserts (Book Riot)
Don’t get me wrong: I’m consistently frustrated by every dismissive, ignorant position adopted on the subject of libraries by people with unfortunate amounts of power. But that frustration has always been buoyed by the work of the incredible individuals who, when faced with budget cuts and closures, find creative ways to keep their libraries performing a wide range of services for a wide variety of people.

Book Promo Tours Help Authors Stay Relevant in the Digital Age (GoodeReader)
Publishers, agents, and publicists are taking a cue from the film and music industries by making their authors into superstars, at least in the eyes of their fans. By scheduling red carpet-style events for readers to engage with the authors who write their favorite characters and stories, the industry is working to increase exposure and make authors an even bigger household name.

Kindle Daily Deals: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (and others)

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