How I Became a Freelancer (Give Me Back my Five Bucks)Morning Roundup
Over the past few months, I’ve gotten a lot of requests to talk about my freelancing – where my money is coming from, how I approach potential clients, and how I got started. I’ve talked about it before, but figured I could go a little more in depth here.

How Do We Make Freelance Journalism Sustainable? (Media Shift)
Last month the Chicago Sun Times fired its entire staff of photographers -– 28 full-time journalists — and plans to rely primarily on freelancers. This news is just the most recent in a growing trend across the news industry, which is relying more than ever before on independent journalists and freelancers. However, despite all the debate about the future of journalism, not enough has been said about how we can better support freelance journalists and how best to adapt to a media landscape in which so many people are operating without the resources and backing of newsrooms.

Barnes & Noble Continues Android Tablet Fire Sale (Good e-Reader)
Barnes and Noble drastically slashed the prices on the Nook HD and HD+ tablets for Father’s Day. The company is trying very hard to dump all of the old stock and still make a little bit more money in the US and UK. Today, B&N has announced the continuation of the sale. You can now purchase a Nook HD for only $129 and the Nook HD+ for $149.

Public Libraries Outnumber McDonald’s (GalleyCat)
Institute of Museum and Library Services statistician Justin Grimes mapped all 17,000 public libraries in the United States, revealing the reach of our library system.

Kindle Daily Deals: Stalin’s Ghost by Martin Cruz Smith (and 3 others)