How to Have an Unpopular Opinion About a Book on the Internet (Book Riot)
I could have written that piece softer, I could have hedged more bets, I could have made more excuses, I could have watered it down. I’ve done that with potentially controversial pieces in the past. And I always hate myself a little bit for choosing that path. Because the watered down version is never what I really meant to say. The watered down version is what I think will be easier for people to hear.

Japanese Government is Still Looking to Close the eBook Tax Loophole (The Digital Reader)
Ask any tax collector anywhere and they’ll tell you that too many people  and too many companies cheat on their taxes, and Japan is no exception.

15 Years Ago, Congress Kept Mickey Mouse out of the Public Domain. Will They Do it Again? (Washington Post)
For most of history, a great character or story or song has passed from its original creator into the public domain. Shakespeare and Charles Dickens and Beethoven are long dead, but Macbeth and Oliver Twist and the Fifth Symphony are part of our shared cultural heritage, free to be used or re-invented by anyone on the planet who is so inclined. But 15 years ago this Sunday, President Clinton signed the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act, which retroactively extended copyright protection.

Let’s Stop Defining Who is a Journalist and Protect All Acts of Journalism (Media Shift)
This summer the Society for Professional Journalists debated a proposal to change its name to the Society for Professional Journalism.

Kindle Daily Deals: The Promise of Stardust (and 4 others)


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