Adding Some Evidence to Copyright’s ‘Evidence’Free’ Zone (Boing Boing)

In the Columbia Journalism Review, Sarah Laskow looks at the empirical research on whether, and how, copyright works. From Christopher Buccafusco et al’s experimental work on the motivations for creative work to Paul Heald’s work on copyright term-extension, which showed that the negative impact of extending copyright on most works — as their copyright terms extended, they simply disappeared.


Jeff Bezos is Both Right and Wrong About Why Newspapers are Like Horses (Paid Content)

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says he sees a future in which newspapers are like horses — a luxury item for a small group of people, not a mainstream transportation method — but his analogy is both right and wrong.


Manuscript Wishlist Hashtag Returns (GalleyCat)

Hundreds of agents, editors and publishers have shared their manuscript wish lists on Twitter yesterday, once again using the popular MSWL hashtag.


A Library Built for One (Book Riot)

Designed for the Lisbon Architecture triennial, “One, Two, Many” is a library built to host a single patron at a time.


Kindle Daily Deal: The Keepers of the House (and 3 others)

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