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Tom Clancy Has Died (GalleyCat)

Bestselling novelist Tom Clancy has passed away, ending a legendary career in espionage fiction.


I Believe We Will See a Kindle Smartphone Sooner Rather than Later (The Digital Reader)

Rumors have been circulating for well over a year now that Amazon is working on a smartphone. I’m not sure how many of the rumors true or even vaguely accurate but I do think that even the untrue rumors are circling around a real product.


Soon, Your Facebook Credentials Could Log You Into Wifi Networks (GigaOM)

Cisco and Facebook have built a Wi-Fi technology that lets customers trade their demographic data for free Wi-Fi access. The data is collected anonymously, but it’s still highly useful to businesses collecting it.


Digital Reading: Innovation at Home and Abroad (Digital Book World)

I had a chance to talk to Matt Mullin, Digital Content Manager for Barnes &, about what he’s seeing in the digital publishing landscape in his international travels.


Kindle Daily Deal: Istanbul Passage (and 4 others)

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